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It is easy, really, all you need to do is contact us via E-Mail:

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Then, let us know what you need help with. Give us as many details as possible, and we will let you know quickly how we can help, how much it will cost you, and when it will be ready. If you are not sure about what is involved in your project, give us a phone call and we try and help you define it there and then.

Remember, we will need the following information:

Boffinology Menu Your name and contact details. Boffinology Menu Any known limitations for the project: existing hardware/software to take into account, budget, etc.
Boffinology Menu The project details: what do you want us to do. Boffinology Menu Any other information you feel might help us to better understand you and your project.
Boffinology Menu The time scale of the project: when do you want the project to start/finish. Boffinology Menu  
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